What To Do When Your Child Refuses To Do Things Your Way


You’ve asked your child to do something, but they just absolutely refuse to do things your way. Does this happen more often than not? As a parent, it can be very frustrating when your child absolutely refuses to follow your direction. In previous episodes, we’ve touched on the importance of having our child do things right the first time. But what happens when you feel like your child is incapable of doing that?

In this episode, I share advice for WHY your child is refusing to comply. It’s important to understand that there is a reason for this behavior. I also provide strategies for HOW to handle these power struggles when they do arise.


  • The reason your child refuses to do things your way [1.30]
  • How to handle these power struggles with your child [3.22]
  • Stepping away and recharging your energy [6.16]

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