Red Brain/ Green Brain in RAD Kids


Jen and Tracey discussed green brain vs red brain (needs not met vs needs met, trust vs distrust). When parents/caregivers don’t respond to their children or don’t do it with consistency or the environment is chaotic, they don’t connect to anyone and turn to themselves for comfort and survival (no trust, no security, no safety is felt by the child). Some signals for parents are failure for child to thrive, doesn’t make eye contact, may have such physical things as acid reflux and often becomes very quiet. There is hope for the parents/caregivers, it takes time, practice to rewire their brains. One of the first steps is to establish “fast and snappy the caregivers way”; this starts giving children that safe, secure feeling. Also, giving choices lets them know that both choices given are safe to chose. This helps fill the child’s needs and not just their wants.

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