Part 2: What Therapy is Really About at Full Circle Family Counseling


As a follow-up from last week’s episode, I want to talk more about what you can expect when you come to Full Circle Family Counseling. When you come to FCFC for therapy with me, I’ll always aim to create a sense of safety and security for the parent, children, and entire family as a whole. I know the feelings and emotions that are happening in my office are very real, raw, and vulnerable. They’re all welcome, and I’ll never make anyone feel like they’re being judged, or that something is ‘wrong’ with them.

In this episode, I’m sharing more about the various therapy approaches I use. We carry everything in our bodies, so it’s important to move through and recognize how this affects us, because it’s different for each person. My goal as your family coach and therapist is to create a personalized treatment plan that will be beneficial for everyone. I want parents to be working together well and really connecting with their children at home. Ultimately, this is a long-term commitment that WILL take time. I’m here to give you the tricks in your bag to handle everything with more fun, humor, and patience though!

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**The information and advice given in this podcast is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for seeing a licensed therapist. If you are involved in therapy or under medical care, please consult with your care provider before making any changes to your regime or engaging in any exercises mentioned.

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