Interracial Adoption Pt. 2

Interracial Adoption Pt. 2    In this insightful episode, we delve deeper into the complexities and nuances of interracial adoption. Join us as we continue our conversation with Jena and her daughter, exploring the challenges and joys of blended families. We discuss the importance of building a supportive community for adopted children, ensuring their […]

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Interracial Adoption

Interracial Adoption    In this enlightening episode, we dive into the world of interracial adoption, exploring the experiences and insights of Jena and her daughter. This discussion will not only shed light on the dynamics of becoming a transracial family but also offer guidance and resources for those considering this life-changing step. Key Topics

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The Attachment Cycle Part 2

The Attachment Cycle Part 2    As a child develops, when child cries and their needs aren’t met the child develops a sense of security and safety. If not, the infant does not thrive when their needs aren’t met and does not feel secure, safe and develop the ability to love and trust. Also

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The Attachment Cycle Part 1

The Attachment Cycle Part 1    Tracey talks about the first year of the attachment cycle and what the attachment cycle is. Connect with Tracey: Visit for more information or to schedule a consultation LinkedIn: Tracey Turner-Keyser  Facebook:   **The information and advice given in this podcast is for educational and informational

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