Are you frustrated and confused by your child’s behavior at home and/or school?

Is it difficult for you to let your children make mistakes without feeling like you need to jump in and fix things?

Is parenting leaving you feeling stressed out, stretched thin, hopeless or drained?

Are you the parent or legal guardian of a difficult child with maladaptive problems?

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For over 35 years I've specialized in helping:

Biological Parents, Legal Guardians, Step-Parents, Foster Families, and Adoptive Families with difficult or challenging children to understand and transform dysfunctional behaviors, so they may experience joy in their lives and peace in their family relationships.

The most common disorders and symptoms I treat:

  • Reactive attachment disorder
  • Mal-attachment issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of impulse control
  • Inability to focus
  • Untrustworthiness
  • Explosive behavior
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Hyperactivity
  • PTSD
  • Problems resulting from trauma (mental, physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual).

If you or your children are experiencing these or similar symptoms, I can help.

In honoring your healing there is no blame or judgment on who you are or what you are.

I work with parents and children to strengthen the bond/attachment between parents and infants, children, preteens and teens. I also help to improve parenting style agreement between parents.

My success can be attributed to my ability to help children feel empowered to choose new options for the ways they have struggled in the past.

My focus is on having children take responsibility for their own actions and reactions and understand that they can create whatever outcome they want; they no longer need to be victims.

As Spirit/God’s children we are meant to accept the gift of self-love so that we may love one another with joy and beauty.

My approach uses a holistic perspective to healing by integrating the mind, body and spirit. I use psychotherapy, Dance Movement Therapy, body consciousness, yoga, calisthenics, meditation and ceremony.

Unfortunately, by the time most folks have reached my office they have already seen many therapists in the hopes of finding help with handling a child with developmental complex trauma.

Full Circle Family Counseling works in collaboration with other agencies and professionals to provide special services and to ensure an integrated service approach.

At Full Circle Family Counseling I offer consultation, assessments, intensive therapy, family therapy, biofeedback, basic neuro-assessments, parenting classes and support for families and foster care parents and agencies with children suffering with maladaptive problems.

My qualifications and certifications include:

  • Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
  • Distance Credentialed Counselor
  • Yoga instructor with a 500-hour yoga certification
  • Coach for high school cross country and track, implementing yoga for athletes
  • Infant Developmental Movement Educator

When out of the office you can find me running, walking my dogs in the woods and hanging out with my two amazing granddaughters.

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Approach & Treatment Program Details

Tracey subscribes to an integrated team approach with every client. This means that she strives to either provide or refer clients for all services needed. As well, team members (e.g. caregivers, family, siblings, case workers, teachers, etc.) may be asked to take part in some forms of treatment (e.g. education, support, possibly individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy).

A team approach allows for the most efficient and loving progress possible for any child.

Tracey’s treatment program includes active involvement with children, parents, legal guardians and/or primary care givers (hereinafter referred to collectively as parents). The treatment program at Full Circle Family Counseling may involve two therapists during intensive therapy. This includes active involvement from parents as well as their child for healthy attachment and bonding to occur. Families will work hard both in and out of therapy sessions.

Parents will receive training in specialized parenting techniques derived by Foster Cline, Nancy Thomas, and Deborah Hage to help design, enhance and facilitate healthy attachment between parent and child. Therapists, parents, and children work together to specify goals, foci and methods of treatment.

The risks and benefits of treatment, approximate time commitment involved, costs and other aspects of your particular situation are discussed in detail prior to beginning treatment.

Progress is monitored and evaluated periodically and, if necessary, redesigned to meet treatment goals.

Tracey’s success can be attributed to her ability to help children recognize and feel empowered to choose new options for the ways they have struggled in the past.

Tracey’s focus is on having children take responsibility for their own actions and reactions and understand that they can create whatever outcome they want; they no longer need to be victims.

As with any powerful intervention, there are both benefits and risks involved with therapy. Risks might include you or your child experiencing uncomfortable levels of feelings of shame, sadness, guilt, anxiety, anger and/or frustration, or having difficulties with other people. Families will have to work on relationships and make long-term efforts. Sometimes change will be easy and swift, but most often it will be slow and deliberate. Some changes may lead to what seems to be worsening circumstances or even losses (for example, therapy will not necessarily keep a marriage or family together.). I do not take clients whom I feel I cannot help using the techniques I have available.

I will enter our relationship with optimism and eagerness to work with you and your child. I have a special interest in helping children and families with attachment issues build strong and healthy relationship.

Modalities Offered by Tracey


Dance Movement therapy

  • You do not need to know how to dance to benefit from dance movement therapy.
  • Our bodies store our experiences and trauma and our bodies never lie to us.
  • So movement helps access the memories in our body so that we can re-create and we define our stories.

Developmental Repattering

  • Developmental repatterning is going through the developmental stages that all babies should experience and taking the opportunity to go through those patterns of development even when we may be way past the stage that we would had originally gone through.
  • It’s never too late to experience developmental patterns of movement and gain an understanding of who we are.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

  • Treats traumatic events in one’s life with EMDR.
  • When a “Traumatic” event takes place the brain’s ability to process ‘freezes’ and EMDR is useful to unfreeze the trauma event and allow one to begin to desensitized  and  reprocess the event as less to no longer trigger Trauma.

Narrative therapy

  • Narrative Therapy is storytelling and taking the opportunity to narrate our story as it has been, how we would have wanted it, and how it is in the present moment and how it will be in our future.
  • We get to create our story.

Love & Logic

  • The Love and Logic approach to parenting is built around the science of crafting caring and respectful relationships.
  • An authentic, loving connection between parents and their children is the root of a healthy, thriving relationship built on trust and understanding.
  • Tracey brings her own sense of humor along with extensive parenting/professional experiences to her Love & Logic offerings.

Social Skills

  • Social skills are skills that help one feel more adequate in interacting with another.
  • It might be with a peer, parent, pet and simply the outside world.
  • I will explore with you and your child how to improve your relationship so that the interactions are fun and meet your child at their emotional age more then their biological age to begin with.

Therapeutic Yoga

  • I use yoga to help explore the development movement patterns that one would develop when an infant; but due to Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) may not have had the opportunity to develop these patterns of growth that help establish a sense of well being and safety in the world.
  • Yoga is a wonderful way that is teachable to explore these patterns to reestablish or create a sense of well bing within one’s self.

Psych Social

  • I will help you and your child discover where they are in the psycho social scale of development, morally, emotionally, intellectually  and spiritually.
  • Then we begin therapy from this place and move forward.

Parent Coaching

  • Parent coaching is basically providing  you, as a parent with new and different tools and tricks in your parenting bag to better interact and response to your child’s behaviors and emotional needs that might just be a tad more effective than what is happening at the given moment. 


  • Telehealth is a secure form of a video call that I will set up within a portal system. An email  will be sent to you with a link to  connect to the session over computer or your phone.
  • I encourage you to use a computer and to be in a private quiet space that has decent to great internet connection for our session.
  • I offer telehealth sessions to those that are too far away to come into the office or if there is a health or travel issues that does not allow you to come into the office.
  • I am telehealth certified.