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Parenting the Mal-Attached Child Using Love and Logic skills laced with Humor and "try not to worry about it"

Exciting research in the field of neuroscience and mental health has increased our understanding of treating “complex trauma” and parenting mal-adjusted children. In this 5 week class we will explore the attachment cycle and how to help any age child develop trust and security with boundaries that have the parents being in charge – not charging around after your child! Come learn how “complex trauma” silently affects one’s ability to form relationships. Discover ways to help you parent your child more effectively and simultaneously help them heal from events in their lives that disrupt their ability to form a healthy child-parent relationship!

Part 1: Understanding the foundations of a healthy attachment cycle
Part 2: Implementing with Love and Logic with your child and family
Part 3: Tips for the most important relationship in the household the parent-to-parent relationship and self-care!
Part 4: Real-parenting scenarios and how handle this on a day-to-day basis

COST:   $395 per couple in same family or $250 for individual. 
Childcare available for $15 per child each week. Reservations for childcare must be made

**$75 nonrefundable deposit is needed by Sept 1st to reserve your spot**
Payments may be made via check, cash, credit and (paypal send to tracey@fullcirclefamilycounseling.com)

Upcoming Event Dates

Parenting the Mal -Attached Child Using Love and Logic skills laced with Humor and “try not to worry about it”

FALL 2017

Every Other Thursday 6:30pm – 8:00 PM

September 21
October 5 & October 9
November 2 & November 19

EMAIL TO SIGNUP: tracey@fullcirclefamilycounseling.com