Love & Logic® offered at FCFC

In Office Rates and Teleconferencing Rates:

Tracey Turner-Keyser MA. LPCS, DCC (Distance Credentialed Counselor – for your own security!)

I am available for teleconferencing via VSee (download the VSee app on your phone or computer. It is free and Hipaa compliant!)

Teleconferencing Crisis Minutes are always available 20 minutes for $30.00

Teleconferencing Rates:
30mins for $50.00 CPT
45mins for $75.00 CPT
60mins for $100.00 CPT

In Office Sessions:
45mins Individual for $100.00
60mins Individual for $125.00
75mins Individual for $150.00
60mins Family without client for $125.00
60mins Family with client for $150.00
90mins Family session for $250.00
Diagnostic Evaluation for $250.00


If you have private insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield and some branches of Tri-Care we will bill directly but client assumes all responsibilities for fair and just payment for services rendered.

Special note regarding Teleconferencing: Some insurance companies cover teleconferencing, and some do not. It will be your responsibility to confirm this either way. You will be responsible for payment via paypal at the beginning of each call. 


You will receive your welcome packet and links to all intake forms after your initial consultation with Tracey. Call to schedule a free 15 minute consultation: 919-444-1471.

Statement of our services

Prior to treatment you must be in agreement with all of the terms outlined herein. If you have any questions or hesitation we will arrange to meet with you in order to reach an agreement.

  • We cannot guarantee any level of success in dealing with a particular client. Fees are therefore paid as consideration for the specialized therapeutic process and not for particular results for any client.
  • Full payment is due at the time services are rendered, unless otherwise arranged.
  • The only forms of payment which are accepted are cash and checks. (Please let us know if credit card charges are preferred.)
  • Some services (e.g. written reports, ceremony, camps, special groups, etc) may not be billed to insurances and will be the responsibility of the client.
  • Follow-up therapy is an essential part of treatment and may be provided by Full Circle Family Therapy or another qualified therapist.
  • Family Counseling – Our philosophy is that we treat families, not simply clients or children. It may be necessary to have individual and/or group sessions with caregivers, siblings, and extended family to ensure education and compliance of treatment plan and a team approach.
  • Unless cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, you may be charged for missed appointments at the cost of a full 1 ½ hour therapy session.
  • Most clients attend sessions once per week. Depending on the particular circumstances and need this schedule of visits may be altered.