Individual Therapy (Adult)

Individual therapy at FCFC is a unique experience.

Individual therapy is built to address the individual’s hidden issues and therefore is a unique experience based on client needs.

Following a thorough evaluation Tracey will present a treatment plan designed to address priority issues first so that progress can be made for maximal healing

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Individual Therapy (Child/Adolescent)

Unlike typical (play) therapy, which is client-centered, individual child therapy at FCFC is more Therapist’s directed to create a safe container that allows the emotions connected to one’s complex trauma to not dictate the session; but rather to be expressed, processed, reframed, integrated and released.

With the given background and all the data that is gathered in the intake, a treatment plan is created that addresses the core issues and sources behind those issues.

Tracey with the parent’s involvement directs the client and family toward healing.

Tracey weaves movement (in the form of developmental movement patterns, calisthenics, yoga, mirroring, etc.) with opportunities to work on the emotional triggers, the behavioral and social, educational issues to address the source of those issues.

Movement Therapy has been shown to be a positive and sometimes necessary adjunct to therapy. It is also good for getting the blood flowing and clearing the mind so that cognitive and spiritual processes have maximal opportunity for success.

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Assessments (for children with
mal-attachment issues)

One-time assessments with the child and primary care giver are done during the first visit (sometimes this process may take 2-3 additional sessions).

The first meeting usually will take a couple of hours and when you come into the office the child is greeted with clear directives given to them.

This is diagnostic and sets up the tone of

‘in this office, you will be kept safe’

by clearly doing things our way to insure this safety physically and emotionally.

The assessment battery covers background of primary client and immediate family, medical review, review of all medications, and the Randolph Attachment Questionnaire.

Assessments typically lead to diagnosis or confirmation of diagnosis.

Certain individuals may present with co-morbid symptoms or medical issues that will necessitate a referral to a specialist.

**Crisis Minutes are always available 20 minutes for $30.00!