Approach & Treatment Program at FCFC

Tracey subscribes to an integrated team approach with every client. This means that she strives to either provide or refer clients for all services needed. As well, team members (e.g. caregivers, family, siblings, case workers, teachers, etc.) may be asked to take part in some forms of treatment (e.g. education, support, possibly individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy). A team approach allows for the most efficient and loving progress possible for any child.

Tracey’s treatment program includes active involvement with children, parents, legal guardians and/or primary care givers (hereinafter referred to collectively as parents). Families will work hard both in and out of therapy sessions. Parents will receive training in specialized parenting techniques to enhance and facilitate healthy attachment between parent and child. Therapists, parents, and children work together to specify goals, foci and methods of treatment. The risks and benefits of treatment, approximate time commitment involved, costs and other aspects of your particular situation are discussed in detail prior to beginning treatment. Progress is monitored and evaluated periodically and, if necessary, redesigned to meet treatment goals.

Her success can be attributed to her ability to help children recognize and feel empowered to choose new options for the ways they have struggled in the past. Tracey’s focus is on having children take responsibility for their own actions and reactions and understand that they can create whatever outcome they want; they no longer need to be victims.