About Tracey Turner, MA, BC-DMT, DCC, LCMHC-S, BC-TMH

Are you frustrated and confused by your child’s behavior at home and/or school? Is it difficult for you to let your children make mistakes without feeling like you need to jump in and fix things? Is parenting leaving you feeling stressed out, stretched thin, hopeless or drained? Are you the parent or legal guardian of a difficult child with maladaptive problems?
For over 25 years I’ve specialized in helping biological, legal guardian, step, foster and adoptive families with difficult or challenging children to understand and transform dysfunctional behaviors, so they may experience joy in their lives and peace in their family relationships.

The most common disorders and symptoms I treat are reactive attachment disorder, mal-attachment issues, depression, anxiety, lack of impulse control, inability to focus, untrustworthiness, explosive behavior, difficulty sleeping, hyperactivity, PTSD or problems resulting from trauma (mental, physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual). If you or your children are experiencing these or similar symptoms, I can help.

I work with parents and children to strengthen the bond/attachment between parents and infants, children, preteens and teens. I also help to improve parenting style agreement between parents.

My success can be attributed to my ability to help children feel empowered to choose new options for the ways they have struggled in the past. My focus is on having children take responsibility for their own actions and reactions and understand that they can create whatever outcome they want; they no longer need to be victims.

My approach uses a holistic perspective to healing by integrating the mind, body and spirit. I use psychotherapy, Dance Movement Therapy, body consciousness, yoga, calisthenics, meditation and ceremony. In honoring your healing there is no blame or judgment on who you are or what you are. As Spirit/God’s children we are meant to accept the gift of self-love so that we may love one another with joy and beauty.

At Full Circle Family Counseling I offer consultation, assessments, intensive therapy, family therapy, biofeedback, basic neuro-assessments, parenting classes and support for families and foster care parents and agencies with children suffering with maladaptive problems. Full Circle Family Counseling works in collaboration with other agencies and professionals to provide special services and to ensure an integrated service approach.

I am a:

  • Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
  • Distance Credentialed Counselor
  • Yoga instructor with a 500-hour yoga certification
  • Coach for high school cross country and track, implementing yoga for athletes
  • Infant Developmental Movement Educator