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Have a listen to this parent’s strong sitting experience and her testimonial of what an awesome tool this is to have in the tool bag. After you listen head on over to the “Video” tab to watch Strong Sitting in action courtesy of my grand-daughter who nailed it after a weekend at Grandmas Summer Camp.

Just a reminder parents, when adding this little gem to the parenting tool bag be patient and consistent in your use of the tool. Remember this is an opportunity for kids to collect themselves, calm down their nervous-system and reflect before acting, it is not a punishment. Take a deep breath and check out the Yoga video as well and treat yourself to short yoga practice.

To add more tips to your bag sign up for the next parenting class. Let us know if you would like to tune in virtually and we will work on making it happen. Stay tuned for the next episode where we discuss with Neuroscientist Dr. David Keyser, what happens to the brain during strong sitting.

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Much Gratitude to the folks at Love & Logic, Nancy Thomas and many more for their work with RAD children and families.

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