Hey, is your family driving you insane?

Are your kids calling all the shots?

Do you feel like you’re failing as a parent, spouse, and/or partner?

Let me help you understand the emotional, developmental, and spiritual makeup of relationships!

You’re in the right place! At FCFC I treat malattachment and complex trauma with family/individual and child counseling.  I have the patience and knowledge to help you to the other side. With compassion and tough love, you’ll have the tools to avoid throwing the baby out with the bath water!


Tracey’s RAD Podcasts

Tracey brings her experience working with children with Reactive Attachment Disorder and their families to the airways with her latest Podcast series.

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Forest Bathing & Yoga
What: Forest Bathing & Yoga Class
When: September 2, 2018  1:30pm-3:30pm
Oct TBA and November TBA and December TBA
Where: Yoga Garden Pittsboro


  • RAD Therapy
  • Family Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Professional Supervision

Healing the Heart to Heart Connection