Empowering all forms of family to create healthy connections with more joy, humor and parental sanity!

When it comes to Reactive Attachment Disorder, I treat the entire family system while holding your child and all family members accountable with compassion and humor.

I will help you shift from: “I’m failing as a parent and my kid might burn the house down!” to “My family is stable and happy!”

If you’re a parent struggling with not liking your kid, the choices you’re making in parenting, or feeling helpless and hopeless, I’m glad you’re here. I’m here to help you get on solid ground.

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Consultations for Professionals

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You’re in the right place!

I use an integrated team approach to achieve impactful transformations for your entire family.

I have over 30 yrs of experience working with families and children with RAD, Developmental Trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and any imaginable behaviors associated with Trauma and RAD.

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Reactive Attachment Disorder Parenting Podcast


🟣   This show is intended to help people who care for children diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder.

🟣   The hostess, Tracey Turner, MA, BC-DMT, LPC-S, has 25 years of experience in helping biological, legal guardian, step, foster and adoptive families with difficult or challenging children to understand and transform dysfunctional behaviors, so they may experience joy in their lives and peace in their family relationships.

🟣   Episodes feature helpful tips about RAD, how to handle the children, and conversations with other parents and caretakers of RAD children.