Empowering all forms of family to break behavioral patterns and choose new options for the future!

When it comes to Reactive Attachment Disorder, I treat the entire family system while holding your child accountable with compassion and humor. I will help you get from: “I’m failing as a parent and my kid might burn the house down!” to “My family is stable and happy!”  If treating RAD is your top priority, I’m glad you’re here.

You’re in the right place! I use an integrated team approach to achieve impactful transformations for your entire family. I have over 30 yrs of experience working with families and children with RAD, Developmental Trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and any imaginable behaviors associated with Trauma and RAD. LEARN MORE ABOUT TRACEY! 


FAMILY THERAPY includes a variety of therapeutic techniques that will be used to facilitate attunement and relationship, resolve traumatic experiences and improve behavior. These techniques may include but are not limited to complex trauma focused therapy, BMC (Body Mind Centering) infant developmental reorganization, cognitive therapy, yoga, physical activity/exercise, simple age-appropriate chores, reflective therapy, cognitive restructuring, EMDR™, behavioral management, narrative therapy, healthy nurturing, meditation, energy work, spiritual counseling, expressive arts therapy, movement therapy, psychodrama, parent training, aromatherapy and support, and psycho-educational activities.  READ MORE

Professional counselors and therapists may need my expert support as they work with families with a RAD diagnosis. My PROFESSIONAL SERVICES include professional supervision, consultations, and Love & Logic® Trainings. I am happy to help support your family counselor/therapist with RAD-specific consultation. LEARN MORE

ONLINE RESOURCES provide supplemental support via the internet and social media.  You can follow us on Facebook and listen to our podcast “Reactive Attachment Disorder Parenting Podcast.” Please note that these resources are reflective of my 30 years of therapy experience and are intended to be helpful tools used in a positive manner. These tools are for education purposes only and we are not liable legally or otherwise for any adverse outcomes which occur from your use or misuse of these resources and tools.

Healing the Heart to Heart Connection